Everyone Can Be Apart of Hip Hop…But Everyone Can’t Be A Rapper

TIME OUT!! Everyone in the world is trying to be the next big rapper. STOP! Everyone can’t be a rapper, but we all can be a part of hip hop. So often I see mediocre rappers thinking that they may be the next big thing to blow and it’s not the case. Cats don’t realize that all of us can be apart of hip hop. Just find your niche and you’re in.

There should be no reason that because you have a Cool Edit program on your computer and a computer mic, that you now have your in house studio (stop that you sound like you are rappin in a cup).Let people (other than your friends and momma) listen to your demos before you shop them around and even turn them into radio stations.Get honest critiques and be able to take the honesty.If your song sounds like it needs to be thrown away then accept that from good critics and start over.You probably thinking rap may not be for you after that, but you can still be apart of hip hop.

Being apart of hip hop doesn’t mean that you have to be an MC. You can work in other areas such as graphics, makeup, sound engineer, producer, etc. There is a lot of room for everyone in hip hop. Most folks fail to realize that rappers hardly make a lot of money unless they hit mega star status. It’s the songwriters, road managers, promoters, and executives that earn the big bucks. The peeps behind the scenes are making the money…not the guy on stage.

Hip hop needs so many other things like activists that will defend the culture, promoters to bring the artists to your city, and entertainment lawyers to make sure that the MCs don’t wind up like Kwame (do your research). If you got a crew…pick the best MC out of everybody and focus on them. Give everyone jobs like promotions/street team coordinator, business manager, dj, hype man, etc. People who are involved in hip hop like me, Louis T, DJ Battle, and others in the area get a hundred CDs a week and 96 of them are horrible and you could have spent your time trying to find your niche in the hip hop game. Mine is radio and breaking new artists-not rappin. I know my place. Real Talk!


Rest in Pease the best who ever did it…You fought for individuality and the artist winning in the music business!  Your music will love forever!!! Click below for a partial Mix of toady as we found out Prince had passed on and went live on the radio with this mix!


BIGG B hosts the UNCW Homecoming Stepshow!


I would like to send a special thank you to UNCW NPHC, UNCW Alumni and S&J Concierge for having me host the UNCW Spring StepShow!  WE continue to bridge the gap in Wilmington and Port City you made it happen with another sold out event!!

Port City’s Son,

Bigg B



Bigg B brings out the Community Boys and Girls Club Joel Lewis Drum and Drill Team!



Lillie Ann Heggins was a North Carolina educator for 40 years. Even after she retired, she continued educating the youth daily with an after school program. She believed that every child should have an opportunity to go to college or further their education. She enjoyed the arts and had a passion for fashion so what better way to honor her life on this Earth than a fashion show supporting the youth in education.

 A scholarship is given annually to a graduating high school senior as they enroll in the college of their choice. The goal is to give two $1,000 scholarships bi-annually to help offset the costs of furthering their education. Nothing was more important to Lillie Ann Heggins than her family and helping a child excel in school. 

Click the link below to download and apply for the Lillie Ann Heggins Scholarship.

    LAH 2015 Scholarship

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