Lillie Ann Heggins Scholarship Foundation

“Better is Possible!”

Mrs. Lillie Ann Heggins was an educator in North Carolina for over 37 years. Her passion was to educate youth and expose them to endless possibilities in the world. She began her teaching career at Southwest High School in Jacksonville, NC and then finished her teaching at Myrtle Grove Middle School as a Math/Business Education teacher and ROCAME advisor. Her belief in education was to use it as a catapult to place youth in opportunities for success.

Mrs. Heggin’s son, Brandon “Bigg B” Hickman founded the Lillie Ann Heggins Scholarship Foundation in 2011 to honor his mother’s legacy. Every first weekend in January, Bigg B hosts a weekend of special events to raise funds for the foundation. Funds raised from all events are awarded to a male and female college freshman majoring in education.

Your support and contributions are greatly appreciated! To make a Tax-deductible contribution, make a secured online donation by clicking the “Donate” image below. If you prefer to donate by check, make payable to:

TEAM BIGG | c/o Team Hickman Enterprises | PO Box 415 | Wilmington, NC 28402